7 Things I Have Learnt About Surviving in Guatemala


1. Listen to the names the driver of a chicken bus is calling out:

Guate: Guatemala City

Everything else is close to the actual city/town you go to.

2. You will probably get sick around the third week you get here, be prepared. Do not eat food that you drop on the floor.

3. Do not touch the animals before confirming they are vaccinated, they can have rabies.

4. Do not eat the street food, or you will get stomach problems for a week.

5. Do not play soccer next to a team, or you will see them snickering the whole time.

6. Understand Spanish. It will prove very useful.

7. Make sure you do not let your kids roun on dirt hills covered in trash.
I hope you enjoyed my post, and I will post again soon!



Hello, I am Zachary, and I love math science, and athletics. I also love video games (duh, I'm a kid) and I love writing. I will be talking about my travels in Guatemala for a few months. I hope you will enjoy my posts, and I wish you well! I will also be in Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama and Ecuador.


One thought on “7 Things I Have Learnt About Surviving in Guatemala

  1. Si, I certainly enjoyed your post! It is funny and just what I wanted to be warned on! You are becoming quite an expert on safe travel tips! Thanks! ¬°Disfruta apprendizaje!

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