We took a ride to the enchanting island of Roatan (although the ferry boat was not so great) and saw the wonders of the island. It was a bit too touristy, but it was still very peaceful. Snorkeling was great, and I remember “sterilizing” my mosquito bites in the salty water. It helped, but it hurt really badly. Back to the snorkeling, I saw many cool fish such as black angelfish and neon blue dotted ones, but the best thing I saw was the moray eel. It was a dull green and I only saw it for 2 seconds before it got scared and hid away (drat), and then I got distracted by a bunch of fish circling my feet. It was truly something.

I also went paddle boarding, which was easy on the water because there were NO waves and the water was shallow. I went over to the neighboring resort too see their dolphins аnd I saw them jump, play and eat. It was a sight to behold, but it was also very sad to see them trapped in captivity.

I liked Roatan a lot, but I think it was almost TOO comfortable because it was such a peaceful area, not adventurous like the eco lodge we stayed at.



Hello, I am Zachary, and I love math science, and athletics. I also love video games (duh, I'm a kid) and I love writing. I will be talking about my travels in Guatemala for a few months. I hope you will enjoy my posts, and I wish you well! I will also be in Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama and Ecuador.


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  1. I enjoy reading about your experience with the fishes in their natural setting! I can imagine them as you relate their appearance here and there. What a wondrous spirit you have!
    ¡Disfruta la vida con los pescados!

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