Poem: A letter to Toucan from Me

A Letter to Toucan from Me (by Ethan)

Colorful, Toucan

Beak, and talons, sharp, smart, cunning

Majestic, Toucan
What are you thinking?

Bird thoughts? or maybe flight thoughts?

Soaring flying thoughts?
Where are you, Toucan?

Up Or Down? Flying in Dreams?

Hope it’s fun, Toucan
What foods do you like?

Berries? Nuts? Or coconuts?

Hope it’s good, Toucan
One letter for you

One letter Just for you, Toucan

A letter from me



I am a middle school student who is currently residing in Guatemala. I like to write...somewhat. On this blog I write about my experiences with my family in Antigua. Just day to day living and embracing the Guatemalan lifestyle. A few things I do for fun include playing soccer, video games, and drawing.


One thought on “Poem: A letter to Toucan from Me

  1. What a beautiful poem! The sentiments pair well with your painting of a colorful toucan. ¡Buena suerte en tu viaje con los pájaros!

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