from instagram – Civic Museum of Siena, Italy

Museo Civico, the oft overlooked city museum of Siena is in the Palazzo Pubblico. The art and beautiful frescoes make a short visit worthwhile. The building was constructed during the Government of the Nine, during which nine members of the middle class (not nobles) ruled in two month increments without outside influence. During their terms, they never left the building. #trekarooing #familytrip #familytravel #travelwithkids #takeyourkidseverywhere #siena #sienaitaly #italy #italia #tuscany #palazzopubblico
from instagram


Brennan Pang

Brennan Pang is Co-founder of Trekaroo. He is a father to 2 boys and a girl and loves exploring and adventure travel. He recently returned from six months of traveling through Central and South America with his family. Follow him on instagram at @overdare.


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