Why won’t Siri read me web pages?

Siri has been getting better at answering questions and transcribing messages. I’ve never been the biggest fan of voice assistants. I’ve found that they have frequently required me to edit or correct messages or just flat out return incorrect results. I’ve used Siri, Alexa, and the Google voice assistant to varying degrees of success. It’s … 



An agouti visits our porch at El Establo near the Monte Verde cloud forest. Agoutis are related to guinea pigs but are much larger and have longer legs. #trekarooing #ilviaggiocr #visitcostarica #costarica #thisiscostarica #monteverdecloudforest


snowy plovers

It’s always a treat to encounter the threatened Western Snowy Plovers who winter on the beaches of Pacifica. The plovers have made a comeback in recent years through the efforts of local schoolchildren and audubon chapters. #trekarooing #pacifica #pcfca #visitcalifornia #audubon #snowyplover #birds #birdsofinstagram #optoutside


International Sloth Day

It’s International Sloth Day! Behold, Mr. Bradypus Variegatus, the three-toed sloth. Saw this guy hanging out by the beach at Manuel Antonio National Park. Sloths are the slowest animals in the world (the 2 toed ones are even slower). Sloths eat leaves, sleep in trees for 20 hours a day, and come down to do … 


NorCal fires

Night shift at the New Life Evacuation Center. Floored by the community support and the fact that they went from never having done this to 280+ evacuees. #DoOneThing #sonomastrong #norcalfires