Where We Went Over the Past 3 Weeks

First, we went to Lago De Atilan and stayed at a hotel called Casa Del Mundo (house of the world) and saw the towns nearby. It was a lot of fun, because our guide was funny and we got to see how chocolate was made. I saw different fish there, and I saw their relaxed way of living.

We then went to Tikal where we got to enjoy the themples towering above us in a 4:00 sunrise tour.

It was a different experience to see them lit by the sun, and we also got to see agoutis and anteaters. It was very fun to learn about the lost Mayan culture by actually going in front of the temples yourself. 

After the tour, we went to Semuc Champey, an area with many pools of water flowing into each other constantly.

We got to not only swim, but go on natural water slides, jump from a cliff into the water, and explore an air pocket cave. It was definitely something else.

We went to a dozen other places and eventually ended up next to Rio Dulce. That is where I am now, and I will write again soon!



Hello, I am Zachary, and I love math science, and athletics. I also love video games (duh, I'm a kid) and I love writing. I will be talking about my travels in Guatemala for a few months. I hope you will enjoy my posts, and I wish you well! I will also be in Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama and Ecuador.


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