One guide on 3 steps to a good vacation, one guide on 0 steps to an excellent vacation.

Living from one hotel to the next and traveling far is hard, especially for long periods at a time. When you are staying in different places you start to miss the comforts of home and appreciate your daily comforts more. Moving is tiring, unpack, pack etc. It’s repetitive and dull. I get headaches and frequently try to remember why I chose to come on this trip. We have long periods of time where we participate in a world renowned sport called doing nothing aka boredom. Sitting in cars and waiting to check in isn’t much fun. No one likes to wait, well maybe there is someone who does but that’s sorta weird. Anyways… if traveling is soooooo hard and soooooo bad then why do we do it? The answer to the aforementioned question is generally to see cool things (I pity those who have to travel like this for work). When you stray from home you see things you have never seen before, experience things you’ve never experienced before, and then there is also the thrill of travel. The thrill of travel is something unique, when you bond with new people and see new things it’s really special. If you never went anywhere you would never get to see so much of what our world has to offer, you could have fun and do new things. This is why people enjoy travel, not to be confused with a vacation, I think that they are almost the same thing but vacation you are just taking time off. Taking time off is step one step two is doing something. When you start step two you pick a place, draw a plan and start, no I’ll do it next holiday or the like. Step three is to have fun because often times when people go on vacation they get caught up in logistics (not me I’m a kid!) or worries and forget to enjoy the experience, “How was you vacation? I don’t remember because I was too busy worrying. Obviously this isn’t the easiest task and planning ahead is a good idea. That was the three tips part but I actually found a solution that includes zero steps! Step zero is book a trip to Costa Rica with Il Viaggio Travel (link added by my mom) who will provide you with a guide and plan out everything for you. You will get to drive in a nice car, have snacks and refreshments and see all the things you wanted. We just finished that section of our trip in Costa Rica and we had a lot of fun (It was my personal favorite country so far). Our guide was very nice and was a fount of knowledge, he was local and had lived in Costa Rica his whole life fluently speaking English and knowing the ins and outs of travel, guiding, and Costa Rica! I hope this bit inspires you to travel and experience new things.



I am a middle school student who is currently residing in Guatemala. I like to write...somewhat. On this blog I write about my experiences with my family in Antigua. Just day to day living and embracing the Guatemalan lifestyle. A few things I do for fun include playing soccer, video games, and drawing.


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