A concise guide to living in Guatemala

 This is a concise guide to living in Guatemala.

  1. Don’t get hit by a car, seriously.
  2. Don’t drink the water or you may end up with a slight case of amoebic dysentery.
  3. Eat as many tacos as possible.
  4. Always bargain at markets it’s part of the fun.
  5. Remember that baño is bathroom in Spanish.
  6. Try and get a guide for climbing a mountain. It’s generally an alright idea.
  7. Don’t be kidnapped!(or adultknapped when applicable)
  8. Watch out for fruit worms in your mangoes.
  9. Remember that it is roughly Q6.3 or 6.3 quetzals to one American dollar.
  10. Don’t clog the toilet by putting toilet paper in.
  11. Be super awesome! And say hi to everyone you meet, or good morning/afternoon/Night.

That was a concise post on how to live in Guatemala. From Ethan in Guatemala.