5 big things that are different from home

1) They sell vegetables on the street. At home they sell vegetables at the farmer’s market or at the supermarket.

2) Some doors are made out of metal like this. At home, doors are usually made out of wood or wood & glass, sometimes they are made out of smooth metal.

3) Around each house are very tall walls with pretty vines growing over them. At home many houses have rocks or grass in front and wooden fences.

4) Windows here have pretty iron grills over them. At home, people use blinds or curtains.

5) There are lots of small stores called “tiendas”, that sell chips, cheetos, candy, oreos, and sometimes fruit. At home the shops are much bigger and we have to drive to them.


really small things I have seen

Really small things I have seen:

wasp nest, fly, green bug, dead bee, ant, kumquat, green plant

and… :/ ⭐️☀️⛅️⛈❄️⚽️⚾️⛳️⛸⛹️‍♀️✈️⛵️⛲️⛱⛰⛺️!


Debujos de Frutas de Guatemala

We eat a lot of fruits in Guatemala. Some are fruits I have eaten before, but sometimes we get to try new fruits. It is exciting to try new fruits because you don’t know what they are going to taste like. Some fruits look good but they are not always good. Some fruits look bad but they taste good. For example, the Granadilla looked orange on the outside and was gray, black, and slimy on the inside. I was brave and I ate it. It tasted like a pomegranate. It was a little tangy and very sweet with a lot of juice.


Volcano Erupting

During bible distribution, I was sitting on the side of the street when I saw a volcano erupting. It was quiet. Just smoke puffing out of the top. This volcano is called Fuego and it erupts “everyday”.  I was surprised because it was sudden but quiet. My mama was very excited too. My brothers did not see it but I told them about it.