What happens if you eat Street Food In Guatemala


  Today I ate street food (papusas) and I got a horrible stomachache for nearly a week. We (well, not we) thought it would be fine because there were all sorts of people eating them. When the other tourists nearby saw us, they probably assumed it was fine, and they ate it too. Oops. The moral of the story? Don’t eat the street food. How to stay safe – make sure the food you eat is cooked, washed in clean water, and made with good ingredients. And if you get sick for more than a week, you’ll want to see a professional. Well, anyways, it was not a nice thing, because my parents said it would be fine (Great job, mom) and I really wish I hadn’t done that.

Don’t eat street food. Really.


How Tamale Day Works in Guatemala and Other Explanations

Saturday Is Tamale Day:

If you got here on Saturday you’re probably wondering why half of the houses have blinking red lights on them. That means they are seeing the apocalypse on their radar…. Just kidding, it means they are selling tamales! These houses usually have their own family recipes and they can be some of the best tamales you have ever had!

Drink The Coffee Even If You Don’t Like Coffee:

The coffee here is AMAZING. Even if you don’t like it or you never tried it, you will love it once you have it here. They have some of the best coffee in the world. Also, you can squish the coffee berry (featured above) and then suck on the juice to discover some of the true secrets about coffee.

How a Chicken Bus Works:

You get on and the second you do, the bus starts moving really fast, and it isn’t very comfortable on a cobblestone road. Then you get in a seat next to a random person (assuming you’re alone) and 2 seconds later the next stop comes. You want to be up the stop before, because you have about 15 seconds before the door closes. Then you walk to your destination (assuming you were on the right bus, I will talk about that later) and hope it is at least a 5 minute walk because otherwise you will end up in the blistering hot sun and if you have kids, you’re in big trouble.

How To Find The Right Bus:

You always want to make sure the bus is pointing in the direction you want it to go, otherwise you might go to Guatemala City or some other town many miles away from you’re destination. Then you want to look at the top of the bus (don’t let your mom do it, I learned this by personal experience) and it should say the destination you wish to go to.

Get Used To Slow Internet:

If you want fast internet, it will cost a lot of money. Cope with the slow internet. If you want to play Clash Royale, you’re in luck, because it is one of the only games that works. Even web browsers are slow. If you want to even upload photos, it will at least take 15 minutes for only a handful of photos.
I hope you enjoyed my post, and I wish you all a good day!